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Auxiliary and management services

We take on all the services in areas that are considered by clients as less critical. All businesses need to effectively manage less critical, yet nonetheless necessary areas. To do so, Equaltia offers professional services that satisfactorily cover these needs. Equaltia has different alliances and agreements with financially sound entities, from a professional perspective, which allow us to ensure the execution of those services that we cannot address fully in a direct way, though this business unit is permanently changing in accordance with the evolution of our clients and their needs. The following are some of the most requested services to date:

Auxiliary services:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Service.
  • Reception and Concierge.
  • Documentary Digitalisation and Treatment.
  • Meter Readings.
  • Services for the Hospitality Industry.
  • Others.

Management services:

  • Administration.
  • Finance.
  • Process Engineering Consultancy.
  • Sourcing.