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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate project is based on professional and demanding management in each and every service we offer to our clients, applying Corporate Social Responsibility policies that give us the leading edge over our competitors.

Our Integrated Management System is underpinned by the following Policy:

Integrated Management System Policy

Quality and excellence

From the very outset, Equaltia has been deeply committed to Quality and Excellence. Our objectives are based on obtaining results that satisfy all the interest groups within our organisation, through continuous improvement processes and a clear focus on the client. Since October 2014, we have had a certified Management System under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Occupational Health and Safety

Equaltia is also committed to the Occupational Health and Safety of all our workers and collaborators. This commitment is also extended to include all those that participate with us, even those that do not form a direct part of our organisation, such as suppliers, contractors, clients and the other interest groups. Our objectives are based on achieving a safe, healthy work environment that is free from accidents, injury or illness for everyone that participates or forms a part of the various working teams in each of our projects.

Thanks to our commitment, in October 2014 our organisation’s management system successfully passed the certification process, under the ISO 45001:2018 standard, thus achieving the relevant accreditation.

Ethics and Integrity

Equaltia has a firm commitment to ethical management and integrity, deeply rooted with its Ethical Code of Conduct that covers each level of the organisation, including values such as: responsibility, commitment, respect, empathy, professionalism, trust and communication.

This Ethical Code of Conduct is both public and included in the Welcome Manual, which is given to every person that starts working within the organisation.

As proof of our commitment, Equaltia has started a qualification process for the AENOR accreditation “Ethical and professionalised management of Special Employment Centres”.


Equaltia applies an action plan that aims to assist people with disabilities in their integration into employment, with the objective of acknowledging this demographic as a legitimate, relevant and priority interest group within our organisation. We capitalise on their skills and attitudes, providing them with a great opportunity to offer necessary and competitive products and services: this proves beneficial for this collective and also has a positive impact on society.

With clear backing for equal opportunities and a lack of discrimination due to disability, we also apply action plans that aim to achieve the full integration of people with disabilities through employment in the mainstream job market.