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Work methodology

Each project, in each business unit, is based on a specific Quality Plan, which, among other aspects, determines the objectives, indicators and key records that ensure their correct management.

We offer efficient and effective comprehensive solutions, working to achieve the defined targets for each of our projects. We contribute our experience and professionalism, problem-solving skills, adaptation and continuous improvements.

Outsourcing: Added value

Our professional experience in other companies, and our global and comprehensive vision of business processes, mean we are perfectly positioned to provide the most suitable solution to each outsourcing project. Our services range from simple handling processes, to complex projects that encompass design, supply, manufacturing, logistics and delivery processes, etc. Our aim is to offer our clients the chance to focus their energy on what they know how to do best (core-business). These are what we consider to be the most relevant advantages for our clients:

Improving company focus

Focusing on managing the company’s core-business processes

Improving the organisation’s performance

Improving the quality of services

Variability of costs

Enhanced flexibility and response capacity to market behaviour

Increased visibility and transparency regarding process outcomes

Customer-service orientated management

Wide range of insurance coverage

Know-how in improving processes and reducing costs

Diligence in implementation and operation management

Broad experience in managing large teams of people with different profiles

Corporate Social Responsibility

Company certified in the ISO 9001:2008 standard

Company certified in the OSHAS 18001:2007 standard

Management policies and tools

In order to develop our activity, we are supported by work methodologies that ensure our clients get the best possible results.

Lean Manufacturing (5S, TPM, SEIS SIGMA…)

Continuous improvement

Visual management


Our cornerstones

The general way we work, that extends along all our lines of activity, is aligned with the following foundations:

Identification of Needs and Expectations

Outsourcing Process Design

Contribution from the Correct Organisation

Investment in Resources

Integration of the Required Human Team

Contributing Experience and Professionalism