1. The purpose and ownership of the Equaltia.
This website has been created with the aim of offering users detailed information about the Equaltia, and details on the different ways you can contact us. It also offers users the opportunity to access information about the Equaltia. You can contact us at the following email address:
- Email address:

2. Terms and conditions for use of the service
2.1. Obligation to use the service correctly.
The terms and conditions of use and access to this website are subject to current legislation, and the user is expected to act in good faith and abide by the principles of lawful use. Any type of action that is to the detriment of the Equaltia is therefore forbidden, as is any action contrary to this Legal Notice. The user agrees to use this service without undertaking activities that could be considered either illicit or illegal in nature, or which infringe on the rights of the Equaltia or third parties, or which could damage, disable, overburden or impair normal use of the website for other users.
2.2. Content request
The user should not make content requests using this website other than via the means and procedures available. Nor should the user make content requests through means other than those indicated on this website, or by means other than those commonly used on the internet. Any content requests made should not pose a risk of disabling the service and the content therein.
2.3. Restrictions
The use of this website for illegal or unauthorised purposes is strictly forbidden. Both specifically and without limitation, this includes:
- Any violation of the rights of third parties (the right to privacy, image rights, intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.). 
- Using the content of the website to send any type of advertisement in any way, such as by sending unwanted emails, spam or similar communication. 
- Sending computer viruses, corrupted files, or any other software or computer program that could cause damage or unauthorised alterations to the content or systems accessible via the website.

3. Intellectual Property and Industrial Property Rights
The rights of reproduction, distribution and communication to the public for this website are owned by the Equaltia. All the text, designs, content, structure, databases, logos, source codes and any other elements of the website are protected by applicable legislation and international regulation. The Equaltia owns all the intellectual property rights to operate the website, including all the elements within it. Any reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, transformation, or any other use of all or part of website's content, in any form or by any means, whether electronically, mechanically or otherwise, is strictly forbidden. Violating these rights shall cause the exercise of the corresponding legal, civil or criminal proceedings. The Equaltia owns the trademarks, logos and domain names associated with the services provided on the website, and the reproduction or unauthorised use thereof is strictly forbidden.

4. Privacy Policy
All the personal information provided on the website to carry out any type of application, request or to send information, suggestions or otherwise will be subject to the conditions indicated in our Privacy Policy, whose content forms an integral part of the present Legal Notice and conditions of use.

5. Disclaimer
The user is the sole individual responsible for any violations that may occur, or any damages that may be caused to third parties due to the improper or illegal use of the Equaltia website. The user is also solely responsible in the case of any possible damage caused by interference, omission, interruptions, computer viruses, line faults or disconnections in the operating system caused by reasons outside of the company, delays in the use of the system caused by deficiencies, or if telephone lines, the internet or other electronic systems become overloaded. Users link to other websites at their own risk. Any links to other websites appear for informational purposes only, and do not imply an association with the linked websites nor the recommendation of the products or services offered on them. The Equaltia does not guarantee the conditions, the legality of the content or the correct rendering of the services offered by third parties which can be accessed via the links shown on the website. Furthermore, it is not responsible for the links that customers create on their own websites. The Equaltia does not claim responsibility for any cookies that third parties may install on the hard drive of the user's computer. Nor does the Equaltia claim responsibility for any typographical errors or inaccuracies that may occur on the website.

6. Service
The Equaltia reserves the right to provide access to its website, without notice and at its own discretion. It also reserves the right to modify, update and amend, at any moment and without notice, the Legal Notice, terms and conditions for use of the service or website, in addition to the content of the same, with respect to applicable legislation.

7. Jurisdiction
Spanish Law will be applicable for any legal issues that might arise concerning interpreting, applying and complying with this Legal Notice, in addition to any complaints regarding the use thereof. The participants agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Spanish Courts in case of disputes, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction which may apply.