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Equaltia: the solution to your outsourcing projects

Equaltia is a Special Employment Centre that specialises in offering comprehensive, flexible and competitive solutions with outsourcing and/or sub-contracting for processes or sub-processes in the following business units:

Via this business unit, Equaltia becomes a strategic alliance for our clients, offering flexible and competitive solutions that adapt and evolve in a dynamic way, always attuned to their needs. [Read more]

In this business unit, we offer a huge range of solutions, from comprehensive to made-to-measure, with our ability to respond both flexibly and efficiently to the needs of our clients. We have a wide choice of logistics services that can be implemented both externally and/or in house. [Read more]

We take on all the services in areas that are considered by clients as less critical. All businesses need to effectively manage less critical, yet nonetheless necessary areas. To do so, Equaltia offers professional services that satisfactorily cover these needs. Equaltia has different alliances and agreements with financially sound entities, from a professional perspective, which allow us to ensure the execution of those services that we cannot address fully in a direct way. [Read more]

In order to combine three key factors: Diversification strategy in business activities, our experience in managing this activity and a strategic agreement that reaches a benchmark company in the sector, we have implemented this business line. With it, we hope to cover all our clients’ needs during this start-up phase, with the commercialisation and distribution of all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Work Wear or Uniforms, with the support of technical assistance and training in Occupational Hazard Prevention. We are able to manage deliveries in a flexible way that is attuned to the need of each client. [Read more]

We are a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in managing business projects in the field of disability and in the sphere of Special Employment Centres. Our development and professional experience encompass all areas of business management. We also have an extensive database filled with a large number of specialists with experience in different sectors of activity, in particular in Industry and Major Retail Logistics.

Our professional experience in other companies, and our global and comprehensive vision of business processes, mean we are perfectly positioned to provide the most suitable solution to each outsourcing project. Our services range from simple handling processes, to complex projects that encompass design, supply, manufacturing, logistics and delivery processes, etc. Our aim is to offer our clients the chance to focus their energy on what they know how to do best (core-business).

“Outsourcing not only consists of purchasing products or services from external sources, but also transfers the responsibility for business functions and often the associated knowledge (tacit and codified) to the external organization (Gilley and Rasheed, 2000). Outsourcing may be implemented with all kinds of activity, whether strategic, as with marketing or research and development, or implicit, such as accounting or maintenance”.

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